Young Iraqi refugees in Erbil, Kurdistan, in 2014.
Young Iraqi refugees in Erbil, Kurdistan, in 2014.
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The World Watch List is an annual report prepared and published by the World Watch Research team of Open Doors. It ranks the 50 countries where it is most difficult to profess and practice the Christian faith.

The research team surveys religious freedom for Christians in five areas of life:

  • Private
  • Family
  • Community
  • National
  • The Church

Separately, the team also measures violence against Christians.

Learn more: A description of the 5 affected areas of life

For each country surveyed, scores for each of the six categories are combined to create a total score. The scores determine the country’s ranking on the World Watch List.

See the 2018 World Watch List here

Interactive map: The 2018 World Watch List

Select a country to see its rank on the list

Note: This map does not display World Watch List data for the Maldives, a tiny island chain in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India, which is ranked 13th on the 2018 World Watch List. Its persecution level is “very high”.

Beginning with the 2014 World Watch List, the research methods used by Open Doors have been audited by the International Institute for Religious Freedom, which researches the persecution of adherents of any religion. The institute, which is independent of Open Doors, assesses the methodology, processes, design and questionnaire of the World Watch List.

List of Open Doors affiliate websites where the 2018 World Watch List can be found